Fox trap

Fox trap ÖF30

Length: 199 cm
Width: 31 cm
Height: 46 cm
Weight: 9 kg
Material: Aluzink wire mesh 1×1½”, 2mm wire.
Reinforcements: Galvanised wire 4mm.


The Red fox is a shy and cautious species. It lives on a broad area that consists of both tundra and cities. The Red fox is 58-90 cm tall and weighs 6-11 kg. It’s food consists of for example rabbits, birds, eggs and trash. A litter consists of 4-12 puppies.


Set the trap by opening the trap-hatch in the middle of the trap and put in the bait. The trap is a passage trap, with an opening on both sites. Set the gables one for one by pushing the lock on both sides and opening the hatch. Thread the trap mechanism under the parallel of the hatch. Attach tension springs in the grid-sticks. The trap is shut when the fox steps on the pedal inside the trap.