Badger trap

Badger trap ÖF70

Length: 116cm
Width: 41cm
Height: 46cm
Weight: 13kg
Material: PVC-coated Aluzink 1×2”, 3,5mm thread.
Reinforcements: Galvanised thread 4 and 5mm.


The trap is also suitable for other animals, such as mangut, fox etc. The badger is a strong animal that gladly pulls available parts in the trap. That’s why the badgers moveable parts are placed outside the trap. The trap is fit with a double entrance which makes it impossible for the strong badger to to press the hatch up and make its escape.


Set the trap by opening the trap hatch and putting in the bait, right at the end of the trap, on the floor. Push out the lock on both sides and open the lock. Thread the trap mechanism under the parallel of the hatch. The trap closes when the animal steps on the pedal inside the trap.